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Why Aster?
We are a diverse team of dedicated, passionate and qualified educationists who believe in creating an innovative and phenomenal educational experience for your child.

At Aster, we are working to ensure that your child is ready for the ever-changing world.

Why Choose Aster?

At Aster, we have an innovative and research-based curriculum. We are mainly inspired by the Finnish education system, the Reggio Emilia philosophy and the British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages Curriculum) and the Montessori approach. Our curriculum is a blend of the best practices around the world so that we can provide the most innovative and productive learning experience for our students.

We believe in a teaching approach that is designed towards maximizing student engagement and focusing on the way the brain is really designed to learn.

At Aster, we realise that play is the vocation of children. Therefore, we are a play-based school. We have a child-centric approach to teaching.

Our learning methods ensure that the children are allowed to explore their surroundings so that they can develop according to their own unique strengths and potential. This ensures that they are exploring something new every moment.

We also make it a point to listen to children’s ideas and we think creativity is as important as literacy and mathematics.

We maintain small class sizes with teacher to student ratios of 1:6 to ensure that children receive personalised attention, and to make sure that educators are aware of each child’s needs such that they mould teaching practices accordingly.